local hooks

The last couple of days have yet again highlighted for me the importance of trying to take advantage of locals and local knowledge.  A few days ago I met Chris -- a local geology/botany expert, and friend of a friend that I haven't seen in years -- for a hike up Lions Head.  It was a perfect evening, and the 360 views of Table Mountain, the Apostles, the Atlantic, the city and suburbs was almost overwhelming.  The perfect sunset didn't hurt either. 

Chris mentioned the local mountaineering club was hosting a slideshow/video, so last night we checked it out.  A couple guys who were part of a group that did a mission to climb the three towers in Southern Patagonia recounted a humerous, personable, and mindblowing story of their trip, bringing back for me good memories of (much easier) trips I've done in the past, and getting me quite excited to get back in shape and outdoors more in the future. 

After chatting with a few of the local mountaineer members, we hooked up with Mark, a friend of my cousin, who took us to see a local jazz band at the Asoka club up the road.  Excellent show, with energy and sounds similar to my recollections of some of Skerik's projects.  One of Mark's friends from LA showed up shortly after, and we had a highly entertaining discussion that reminded me why I love visiting LA, but would never live there.


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